What can PingPingBowen Therapy do for me?


Welcome to the PingPingBowen Sussex Bowen Therapy Website. 

If you are looking for PAIN RELIEF, you have come to the right place for holistic treatment based on BOWEN Therapy, shiatsu and acupressure techniques.

The non-invasive technique empowers the body’s own healing response. Being holistic in nature, this therapeutic and deeply relaxing technique also enhances a person’s sense of wellbeing, physically, emotionally and mentally. Additional benefits can include increased energy, improvement in the immune system, rebalancing the body, improved circulation, lymphatic drainage and detoxification.

A relaxing myo-fascial complementary healthcare treatment known for its incredible effectiveness on back pain, neck pain, knee, shoulders, ankle, respiratory and joint issues, and even addresses internal conditions such as asthma, digestive complaints and migraines.

Results can be remarkable and lasting even from the first session, with often only a few sessions required to address the presenting problem.

  • Most cases respond within 48 hours. Generally most people only require 3 or 4 sessions, unless complex.
  • Full assessment on general health and wellbeing (such as diet, sleep, emotional) and physical examination is taken.
  • Clothing stays on (loose light clothing is worn)
  • Suitable for infants to seniors
  • £50 (cash only) per 60 min session during office hours (8.30am – 5.30pm).

What is Bowen Therapy like?

Like MASSAGE  involves relaxation and physical touch but is interspersed by pauses and the actual ‘hands on’ input from the therapist is minimal in comparison.

Like ACUPRESSURE and ACUPUNCTURE some of the areas of focus will coincide with acupuncture points and known meridians the treatments decongest blockages or stagnation in energy flow even more efficiently.

Like CHIROPRACTIC and OSTEOPATHY the body’s skeletal structure is profoundly affected and joints will correct their alignment without forceful manipulation and long-term treatment plans.

Like PHYSIOTHERAPY the body’s neuromuscular system is effectively re-trained but more importantly the old patterns of dysfunction are removed first. The best preface to physiotherapy after injury or surgery to reduce the inflammatory responses before re- education of muscle groups.

Like EMOTIONAL RELEASE and SOMATIC BODYWORK, profound and positive affects on the emotional causes and blockages within a person. These emotional causes can have a serious consequence to a persons healing and it is necessary to resolve them. Any emotional release will occur only when the client is naturally ready, the process feels gentle and natural for them.


  • Musculoskeletal disorders – feet & ankles; knees; sprains; muscle strains;  Pelvic & hip issues
  • Shoulder problems e.g numbness in the arms or hands; frozen shoulder
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, tennis elbow & golfers elbow.
  • Neck problems
  • Headaches and/or migraines
  • Pain or tension in the jaw & TMJ
  • Sciatica
  • Chronic fatigue, MS, ME, fibromyalgia
  • Menstrual pains: irregular cycle;  menopause and hot flush
  • Uterine & bladder issues, endometriosis,  prolapse,  Urinary disfunction, Water / fluid retention; kidney stones, lymphatic congestion
  • Infertility, Reproductive dysfunction.
  • Enlarged prostate, issues with night urination for men, erectile dysfunction
  • Digestive problems: constipation; diarrhoea, bloating. IBS
  • respiratory problems, asthma
  • anxiety and stress, depression
  • scoliosis, posture
  • Pregnancy pains, baby bowen, baby colic, unsettled baby, trapped wind
  • Thyroid
  •  Trauma release


  • PingPingBowen Sussex Bowen Therapy clinic is temporarily closed but is due to reopen in Spring/Summer 2021. Location will be in the Haywards Heath/Ashington area. You are welcome to contact Ye Ping to make an appointment (pingpingbowen@gmail.com) which will be confirmed in the Spring.
  • Sorry no home visits

Is it expensive?

  • Personal appointments – £50 per 60 minute session (Cash Only)
  • Broken appointments (unless 36 hour notice given)- £50.
    • Please try not to break an appointment as it could be offered to someone else in need of treatment …thank you!  
    • If you are feeling unwell, or have symptoms of flu or cold please reschedule your appointment, you will not be charged.
  • Late arrivals more than 15 minutes are subject to being rescheduled as a quality treatment cannot be delivered. A broken appointment fee therefore will be charged.
  • If needed, a small charge (£5) may be applied for medical supplies/strapping
  • Professional correspondence e.g. references, referrals, letters to employers, etc. are charged at £35 per letter/email.
  • Out of office hours (before 9am and after 5.30pm) and Weekends are emergency only and are charged at £75 per session.

Professional membership and Code of conduct

Ye Ping Tsim is a member of these professional organisations which requires that therapists adhere to the Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics.

  • BowTech Bowen Association UK:  http://www.bowen-technique.co.uk/
  • VTCT Vocational Training Charitable Trust

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Ping Tsim Consulting Ltd, Company Registration number: 06861458

4 thoughts on “What can PingPingBowen Therapy do for me?

  1. Having suffered lower back and sciatica in both legs for 2 years and numerous nerve block injections I was starting to give up and think nothing will help it ! Then I was recommended by a friend to see the lovely Ping who has helped immensely and made life a lot more comfortable for me ! Would certainly recommend Ping and the Bowen therapy !


  2. Ping has worked wonders for me and I have recommended her to anyone who will listen. After 2 sessions I now have full use of an arm which has not had full
    Rotation for over 20 years! Ping has also helped with a lingering whiplash injury which I have had for over 15 years and which now rarely bothers me (and if it does I simply pop back and it’s relieved for another year!) Ping is friendly, professional and extremely knowledgable about the body and how the body works.


  3. I discovered Ye Ping through Carers Support and only made the appointment as a last resort having tried various other treatments and exercise programmes. After only three sessions I feel so much better in mood and physically. Ye Ping also suggested many helpful remedies, all very simple, to aid arthritis and digestive and colon problems. She is a lovely lady who immediately makes you feel relaxed.


  4. I had my first session with Ping 18 months ago. Since then, all my family have been treated and I have recommended her to many friends and acquaintances who have gone on to refer their friends and family. I had been in immense pain for 10 days and hadn’t slept. After only one treatment the pain was reduced so that I only needed to take over the counter remedies for three days. Prior to seeing Ping, I had tried all prescribed pain relief which didn’t help at all. I was so amazed and relieved after seeing her that I want to make sure everyone I know doesn’t suffer in pain needlessly.


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